In 2009 Mr Woodnote released "Winter of Woodshed". The album was recorded in Bristol while he was living, traveling and performing with Dub FX & Flower Fairy.  Mr Woodnote plays alto saxophone on most tracks and tenor saxophone on only a few as well as beatboxing and a little bit of flute here and there. The album features Dub FX, Flower Fairy, Lil Rhys as well as other Bristol emcees.
Mr Woodnote, Winter of Woodshed, Album Cover
Mr Woodnote & Lil Rhys released "Modus Operandi" in 2012. This album features Mr Woodnote on tenor saxophone and the Electric Wind Instrument which is a breath controlled synthesizer. Modus Operandi also features Eva Lazarus and Bristol bass player, Jimvincible.
Mr Woodnote, Modus Operandi, Album Cover
"Late Heavy Bombardment" (2015) is Mr Woodnote & Lil Rhys' second and most recent album. This recording features only the sounds in Mr Woodnote's live set-up. Each track was recorded exclusively with only beatboxing, saxophones & EWI and also features Eva Lazarus & Jimvincible.
Mr Woodnote, Late Heavy Bombardment, Album Cover